Anais Gvani Italy Luxury Collection

Anais Gvani New York is a new, trendy fashion retailer specializing in handbags Anais Gvani ® is an high-end American brand of handbags by the world’s largest fashion bags and fashion accessories companies based in Commerce, California. This brand products ranging from Anais Gvani sunglasses, Anais Gvani wallets, Anais Gvani purses to Anais Gvani handbags and so on

The Anais Gvani® classic collection includes the original handbags introduced by the Anais Gvani® New York design team. A brand originated from The Big Apple, Anais Gvani® (or "AG") bags take their name from New Yorkers' favorite parks and recreational hotspots. Physically, these purses are easily distinguished by the gold tone hardware that lends them that luxuriously modern look. The various gold accented chains, zippers, and logo decorations are handcrafted to perfection on each bag. Before AG products became available on Fashlets, they had already been drawing crowds at mall booths throughout the East Coast, such as the Westfield Trumbull in Connecticut, the Natick Mall in Massachusetts, and the Town Center at Boca Raton, Florida. Fashlets eventually took the collection online to make it accessible to shoppers everywhere. The collection currently features popular trends such as matte crocoskin and quilted textures, to original styles bearing the Anais Gvani® logo plate.

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